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Just my tiny mind


26-2-2012 Admin General 2 Comments

About. About what? about me? okay..

People call me Hasan. And my full name is Muhammad Hasan Septiadi. Born as the first son and have 1 lil brother and 2 lil sister.

My last study was in President University as full scholarship student. I take Information System as my bachelor degree at there. Finish my bachelor degree with GPA 3.11 :( .

My first work was in PT. Mynts Solusindo as a web programmer from Dec 2009 till Jan 2011. Then continue my career in PT Finenz as a programmer from January 2011 till Novemeber 2011. Then continue my career in as web developer from February 2012 till now.

My Motto: Never say "I Cant" then do it effectively and efficiently.