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Firefox vs Chrome

26-2-2012 Admin General 2 Comments

Firefox vs Chrome

Because currently I use both Firefox and Chrome, I will try to discuss little bit about Firefox vs Chrome. Many people already familiar with Firefox compared to Chrome. Same with me, I use firefox first before use chrome. When i meet with chrome, i fell in love wtih it. However, I keep using them both :p.

Both of them have its own weaknesses and strength. Because my title article is Firefox vs Chrome, I will explain both of them.

Firefox vs Chrome Comparison

Firefox vs Chrome Performance -> Winner = Chrome

If you concern about speed, you should chose Chrome instead of Firefox. Chrome will operate lighter than firefox. I wont say chrome user less memories, because when i compare it with firefox, chrome just use little more memories. In this case, chrome use sparate process tab, that will be very benefit for user that easily close and open window. When you close a window in firefox, it wont easily release its memory. Chrome also claims to be the fastest Javascript compiling browser out of all publicly released browsers.

Firefox vs Chrome Features -> Winner = Firefox

When you compare about the features, firefox has more features compared to chrome. May be this is one of reasons why firefox is more heavy than chrome.

Firefox vs Chrome Developer Support -> Winner = I chose Chrome

As a web developer, I use both firefox and chrome. However, because chrome is lighter, I usualy use chrome more often. Chrome support feature like examining site request, examining selected element of page, error notivication, etc. However, I sometime use firefox to examine error also. Firefox has a nice error console.

Firefox vs Chrome Fame -> Winner = Firefox

Compared to chrome, firefox is more famous. Firefox get a Guinness World Record in most software downloaded in 24 hours, for having downloaded by 8,002,530 people in 24 hours that download Firefox 3. Firefox take about 23% of market share while chrome only take 3%.

Firefox vs Chrome Stability -> Draw

Because chrome use independent process for each tab, it make crome will handle crash easily. When a tab crash, it will have little possibility to affect other tab. On the other hand, Firefox (my firefox) sometimes get little hang while opening new tab. However, I also experienced that one of my script get easily crash in chrome, and work well enough in firefox.

Firefox vs Chrome UI -> Draw

Chrome has thinner toolbar compared to firefox. Chrome also easier to be dragged and dropped. Because of thin toolbar, chrome page window is bigger compared to firefox. On the other hand, firefox has bigger toolbar when its many features resides.

Firefox vs Chrome Conclussion

It is back to you, whether to use firefox or chrome. Both firefox or chrome has its own strength and weaknesses. I hope you chose to use either firefox or chrome based on what you need and not whay people say. Hopefully this Firefox vs Chrome article made by a newbie will help you alot.

Firefox vs Chrome Firefox vs Chrome Firefox vs Chrome

Firefox vs Chrome Firefox vs Chrome Firefox vs Chrome

Firefox vs Chrome

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Firefox vs Chrome

Firefox vs Chrome

Firefox vs Chrome