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How To Start Blogging

26-2-2012 Admin General 2 Comments

How To Start Blogging

Start blogging is not a hard task, all you have know is 'How To Start Blogging'. Before you start blogging, indeed you have to know what blog is.

Blog is the abreviation of 'Web Log'. It is a web based jurnal where people can post their ideas of everything. They can either share the jurnal to the public or keep it as a private jurnal.

Some people become blogger for share their idea/opinion or just for save it for future purpose. In other cases, people that share their jurnal, can get money by puting advertisement on their blog.

Lets just jump to the steps How To Start Blogging.

How To Start Blogging - Step 1 - Choose your blog provider

You can either chose paid blog provider or free blog provider. In my own blog, I choose Wordpress. If you have  enough money, you even can make your own blog site. In this case you can instal free blog into your site such asWordpress Installer. After that, you choose your blog to be public or private.

How To Start Blogging - Step 2 - Choose your main idea of your blog

The idea will reflect the overal jurnal that you will post. Chose it carefully, you can chose it based on your hobbies or mastered field. For example, if you are a programmer, you can chose the topic of IT.

How To Start Blogging - Step 3 - Choose the domain name

When you choose your domian name, the name MUST have strong related to your main idea. Make the name not to long and to short, and make it easy to remember. For example, if your main idea is IT, then you can chose the name of your idea such as 'ittutorial'.

How To Start Blogging - Step 4 - Configure the blog layout

Usually, blog provider will also provide layout themes to be choose by the blogger. Choose, one layout that best suited for you. If you already know about web development, you can make your own layout.

How To Start Blogging - Step 5 - Post something

Anything that you post in your blog, MUST have reltion to the blog name and the main idea, except your blog is private one. Just imagine if a visitor visit your blog and read the name of your blog such as '', they will expect to read jurnal about IT. And what if they found gardening jurnal in your blog, or coocking jurnal, they will be disapointed, and more likely they wont visit your blog in the future.

On other cases, in the early day, you will be easily post something in your blog because you have lots of idea. However, in several weeks or months, you might feel difficult to post something. In this case, you search some idea on the internet. You an also search some article in the internet, and expand it more or talk about it more deep than post it in your blog in different ways. In some case, you may add the source of your idea.

Make a target is a good way to improve your blog. Let say make a target to post atleast one jurnal each day. In this case, you can have 364 jurnals in one year. Be ready of time consuming, because force your self to post something when there is no idea will be time consuming. However, dont wait till the idea come out. Waiting the idea for comeout, will make you post your jurnal very slow. On the contrary, the idea may come out when you start writing jurnal.

How To Start Blogging - Step 6 -Make your blog popular

The last two steps are the hardest steps. To make your blog popular, you have to implement several stategies such as SEO and Blog Cirlce. SEO it self have many method that I wont descrive it here. However, you can do Blog Circle easily. In this case, what you need to do is visit others blog and leave comment there and also give your blog address. Becareful, dont leave a spamming massage. It will make your comment wont be published either by the system or the blogger.


I think that is all of 6 steps How To Start Blogging. Just keep in mind, that building a greag blog is not a one day task, you need patient to build it. It may takes days, months or even years. Hope this How To Start Blogging will be usefull for you.


How To Start Blogging How To Start Blogging How To Start Blogging

How To Start Blogging How To Start Blogging How To Start Blogging

How To Start Blogging

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How To Start Blogging

How To Start Blogging

How To Start Blogging