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Top 5 Computer Virus

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Top 5 Computer Virus

In this post,  I will try to explain about Top 5 Computer Virus. While talking about virus, usually common people talk about worm and trojan also. Therefore, in this post I explain Top 5 Computer Virus that also inlude worm and trojan.

Lets just jump of to the list.

Top 5 Computer Virus no 1 - Morris

The Morris worm or Internet worm of November 2, 1988 was one of the very first computer worms distributed by using the internet. Morris was made by Cornell University student Robert T. Morris, who claimed its objective was to gauge the size of the internet. It can be resulted inside the first conviction within the US underneath the 1986 Laptop or computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Additionally, it regarded as the first worm and was surely the first to gain substantial mainstream media focus.

To be able to spread, the virus utilized problems in this kind of operating systems such as Unix for VAX and Sun Microsystems. The virus could also pick user passwords.

This computer virus contaminated over 6,000 computer in the United states of america, such as the famous NASA research Institute, which for a while remained totally paralyzed. Due to erratic code, the worm managed to send numerous copies of itself to distinct network computers, being ready to totally paralyze all network assets. The damages brought on by the Morris virus were believed at $96 millions.

Even though Morris brought on between these damage, he wound up with just three years’ probation along with a $10,050 fine together with a sweet teaching gig at MIT

Top 5 Computer Virus no 2 -Mellisa

Melissa was initial found on March 26, 1999, once the virus shut down the net mail method, which got blocked with e-mails contaminated by the worm. Melissa shut down Net mail methods that got clogged with contaminated e-mails propagating from the virus. Melissa was created by David L. Smith in Aberdeen Township, New Jersey, and named soon after a lap dancer he encountered in Florida. On the other hand, Melissa was not originally developed for destruction, but it overloaded servers and caused issues.

Melissa had the ability to multiply on Microsoft Phrase 97 and Word 2000, and also on Microsoft Excel 97, 2000 and 2003. In addition, the virus had the ability to mass-mail itself from Microsoft Outlook 97 and Outlook 98. For the first time it spread within the Usenet discussion group alt.intercourse. Melissa was hidden within a file referred to as "List.DiC", which featured passwords that served as keys to unlocking 80 pornographic internet websites. The original form of the virus was sent by means of e-mail to distinct people.

Smith was sentenced to ten a long time but served only twenty months inside a federal prison and fined $5,000 United states dollars. Smith would later on go on to support the FBI in tracking down Jan de Wit, the Dutch creator of the  Anna Kournikova virus.

Top 5 Computer Virus no 3 - I love you or LoveLetter

I LOVE YOU, also recognized as LoveLetter, is often a pc worm that effectively attacked tens of millions of Windows computer systems in 2000 when it had been sent as an attachment to an email message together with the text "I LOVE YOU" inside the topic line. The worm arrived in e-mail inboxes on and after May 4, 2000 with all the very simple topic of "I LOVE YOU" and an attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs". The ultimate 'vbs' extension was unseen by default, make unsuspecting customers to believe it had been a mere text file. Opening the attachment, the worm sent a duplicate of itself to every person within the Windows Address Book and using the user's sender address. What's more, it created a variety of malicious adjustments to the user's computer. Just like Melissa this computer virus sent passwords and usernames, which were stored on the attacked computer systems, back towards the developer on the virus.

Starting on May 4 within the Philippines, this worm spread worldwide in a single day by utilizing infected computers email handle lists to deliver significant numbers of messages directed at new targets. It can be believed to get brought on $5.5 billion  damage, mainly in lost workers time, as corporate and authorities e-mail programs had to be shut down to eradicate the virus

It was a youthful Filipino student that behind the assault. The youthful gentleman was released because of the truth that the Philippines didn't have any law that might stop hacking and spreading malware. This situation served as one with the premises for making the European Union's global Cybercrime Treaty.

Top 5 Computer Virus no 4 - Code red

The Code Red worm was a computer worm founded on the web on July thirteen, 2001. It attacked computer systems running Microsoft's IIS internet server. This virus managed to penetrate tens of thousands of computer that ran Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 server software, exploiting a buffer overflow and defacing Internet web-sites using the text, “HELLO! Welcome to! Hacked By Chinese!”. Code Red was developed to make use of the resource of all computer systems it contaminated against the official web page on the White House at a predetermined date. The damages caused by the Code Red computer virus had been believed at $2.6 billion.

The Code Red worm was initial founded by eEye Digital Security employees Marc Maiffret and Ryan Permeh. The worm was named the .ida "Code Red" worm due to the fact “Code Red Mountain Dew” was what they were consuming at the time, and due to the phrase "Hacked by Chinese!" with which the worm defaced sites.

Though the worm had been released on July 13, the largest group of infected computers was seen on July 19, 2001. On this day, the quantity of contaminated hosts attained 359,000.

Top 5 Computer Virus no 5 - Nimda

Nimda which name origin arrives from your reversed spelling of "admin" is a pc worm, and is also  a file infector. Nimda took just 22 minutes to spread as much and vast as Code Red. Nimda's solution was utilizing quite a few diverse propagation vectors: It produced masses of emails to transmit alone, lured end users to infected Internet websites, and took advantage of lingering challenges with Microsoft IIS security and previously installed Code Red or Sadmind worms. Nimda was regarded as to become one of the most complex viruses, obtaining 5 diverse approaches of infecting computers methods and being able to duplicate alone. The believed damage brought on by nimda is $635 million.

The worm was introduced on September 18, 2001. On account of the release date, exactly one week soon after the attacks about the WTC and Pentagon, some media speedily began speculating a link in between the virus and Al Qaeda, although this theory ended up proving unfounded.

That are my opinion about Top 5 Computer Virus. However, there may be other virus that you might think it is best suited to be the one of Top 5 Computer Virus. Hope this Top 5 Computer Virus article can be useful for you.

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